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  • 45 Days Warranty on repairing
  • Service Within One Hour
  • Expert Technicians
  • Genuine & Quality Service
  • 24/7 Support

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Why Fixathome ?

Verification Process

  • Mandatory Address verification, Police case verification.
  • Shortlist is on the basis of washing machine repair with 5+ years of experience in LG/Samsung service centres.
  • As per performance basis all further skill test were being taken.
  • Finally, Repair experts undergo Fixathome Training.

Repairing Guarantee

  • Supper Punctual : On-time service
  • Quality: Background Verified & trained professionals
  • Transparent: Best service in standard price

Services Include

  • Repair and replacement of parts.
  • Mentenance


  • Fixathome arrange a highly skilled and trained professional.
  • Warrenty will be under profesionals suppervision
  • Bills will be provided by servicemen

We repair all the top washing machine brands

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